The 7 Day Website Fix

Start building your online business the right way – save the hours of Googling/Youtubing your eyes out for another day. Yep, I like to rhyme.

You Want To Learn How To Build A Website, But You Have No Idea Where To Start
You’re Tired of Searching Google and Youtube Till You’re Eyes Fall Out
You Don’t Have the money to pay a Developer/Designer a few thousand dollars to build your time
You’re Suffering From Technical Overwhelm and Information Overload
You Just Need To Get Something Going FAST, So You Can Focus On Building Your Business

Sound Familiar?

It Sounds Like You Could Use The 7 Day Website Fix.

What’s A 7 Day Website Fix?

It’s A DIY Website Course That Will Take You From Zero To Website In One Week.

Really? Yes, Really. Keep Scrolling For More..

 The 7 Day Website fix is a video tutorial series that will teach you – the busy, overwhelmed, tired-of-everyone-asking-about-your-website entrepreneur – How To Build Your Website From just….you guessed it – 7 Days.
I teach you step by step how to do the basics -from domain and web hosting to customizing your website – your way.
No technical overwhelm
No frustration with the search engines.
And you’ll have your website at the end.
Wow – Can’t Beat That Right?

So What’s In The Box?

Day 1 – Setting Up Your Website

Day 2 – Navigating Your WordPress Dashboard

Day 3 – Setting Up A Coming Soon Page

Day 4 – Creating Content

Day 5 – Extra Styling and Layout Options

Day 6 – All About Plugins

Day 7 – How To Configure & Customize WordPress Themes

So Why Did You Create this Course?
Well, you asked…
1. I know so many business owners who get caught up in the technical overwhelm of creating their websites. I wanted to provide a free solution to make this process “underwhelming” instead of overwhelming.
2. I know you can easily find this information online, and this is just my way of giving back and making it a little more organized for you to follow the steps.
What Else Do I Need To Know?
Glad you asked! I am all about honesty and keeping it real with you so here goes:

This probably goes without saying, but you are NOT going to have a designer, custom-made, Harry Winston, Loius-Vitton style website at the end of the course. This is a FREE course that teaches you the technical steps of putting together a very basic website in a few short days.

You will probably be still be working on your website after the course is over – and that’s okay. Your website is and always will be a work in progress. I say that because not only do you  need time to figure out things like your website content, images, logos, text and branding, but Your website should be growing with you and your business.

I do use and mention affiliate links in this course. Helps me to keep my website running so I can continue to provide value to my amazing audience. See my disclosures here.

If you want even more than the 7 Day Website Fix – To Go Even Deeper With Your Online Presence and Build A More Cohesive Online Presence –  Here’s How We Can Work Together 

So Who Are You?
I’m Chrissy Marquardt. I’m a Website Branding Strategist. My passion is helping online entrepreneurs to create beautiful websites that Connect, Convert and Sell.
I started my journey in the online world in 2013 as a virtual assistant building and managing WordPress websites for small business owners and non-profits. My journey led me to dabble in website design and development, because I’m just a self-taught nerd that way.
Along the way, I found that a lot of business owners get so frustrated and overwhelmed when it comes to starting out outline, that I have made it my mission to streamline that process. I’ve struggled with technical overwhelm myself and this mini-course that I’ve created for you what I wish I had when I first started out online.
Are You Ready To Get Your 7 Day Website Fix?

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